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CR-NORINCO comes forward to support girls’ education in Pakistan

KARACHI: CR-NORINCO, a joint venture of China Railways Corporation (CR) and China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO), has come forward to support girls’ education in Pakistan, a statement said.



Also the main contractor for the Orange Line Metro Rail Transit System in the country, the company has carried out desperately required renovation to the infrastructure of the Government Girls Elementary School situated in Chah Dhaban, Kasur district, a marginalised village with a total population of around 1,000 residents, it added.

This is the only girls’ education institute in the entire area, and has an enrolment of 250 students, or almost 25 percent of the village population.

The school lacked even the basic facilities such as furniture, access to safe and clean drinking water and a proper playground, the statement said.

CR-NORINCO’s intervention is aimed at creating an enabling environment to educate the less-privileged segment of Pakistan’s rural society.

Along with the renovation work of the basic school facilities, CR-NORINCO also built an additional lab to facilitate modern learning for the students, it said.

New equipment installed at the school also included a projector to enable audio visual learning and making the students aware about latest teaching methodologies and techniques.

Part of new developments also included improving access to student’s outdoor activities by upgrading the existing school playground, transforming it to a fully functional play space.



Senior officials from the district government and representatives of the company attended the refurbished school’s inauguration ceremony.

CR-NORINCO Deputy General Manager Guo said, “As a caring corporate citizen working in Pakistan, we felt obliged to give back to society in some way, and without doubt, the most important contribution one can make is to support education, especially girl education and empower the marginalised segment of Pakistan’s rural society.”

“We are humbled that we could provide the students of this school the educational resources they need to build, and eventually lead a strong and just nation. This project is a small step towards this holistic goal,” he added.

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