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VC LUMHS talking on dentist-patient relationship
VC LUMHS talking on dentist-patient relationship

Call for binding trust in dentist-patients relationship

HYDERABAD: Seminar on Career Counseling has discussed dentist-patient relationship and has asked students of dentistry at Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS) Jamshoro to take responsibility as patients always rely on and trust their dentist to provide them with the best possible healthcare.



“Dentistry is a highly respected profession. A dentist is a community figure that is highly respected and trusted by the community in which he or she works,” said LUMHS Vice Chancellor Prof Bikha Ram Devrajani, while speaking at the seminar.

The VC mentioned that dentistry allows you to be your own boss if you choose to do so by owning your own practice. You can determine how you want your career in dentistry to be. You have much more freedom and can essentially make all the decisions with very little managed care in dentistry which is not common in the other healthcare professions.

Prof Feroz Ali Kalhoro, Dean Faculty of Dentistry LUMHS, said that dentistry is a service oriented profession. A dentist spends all of his time helping other people which is extremely rewarding.

“You can make significant improvements in people’s lives by restoring their smile, teeth, self-confidence, self-image, and ability to eat and speak properly,” he asked learners.

“There is instant gratification for you as a dentist when you are able to relieve the pain from a toothache or place a beautiful crown which enhances the aesthetics and function of the patient’s teeth,” he said.

Kalhoro further said that a desire to help people and to improve the lives of others is also an essential part of working in dentistry. As dental professionals, we hold the unique position of helping to significantly improve the health and functioning of others. With that comes the authority and responsibility to educate patients about better oral health practices as well.

He added that a dentist needs certain soft skills, or personal qualities, to succeed in this occupation. Strong critical thinking skills will allow him or her to weigh the pros and cons of alternative solutions to problems to select the best one.

Dentists need excellent judgment and decision making skills. They must be service oriented and have good listening and speaking skills to provide appropriate care to patients. They must be socially conscious as well.

He said this skill allows dentists to be aware of a patient’s reactions and respond to them appropriately. Also, good time management skills and active learning skills are necessary.

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