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US Ambassador’s Fund to award 200 new grants

KARACHI: The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced new funding opportunities from the Ambassador’s Fund Grant Programme, a statement said.





During the current five-year cycle, running from 2017/22, the programme will award approximately 200 grants in support of high impact efforts by Pakistani organisations working to improve the economic and social conditions of the people of Pakistan.

“Large-scale investments, through some of our other programmes, are important. But we also know that much of the most impactful assistance happens on a smaller scale, when people are empowered locally,” said Michael Hryshchshyn, USAID director for Sindh and Balochistan.

“For this reason, the Ambassador’s Fund Grant Programme remains an important part of the United States’ partnership with Pakistan.”

The Ambassador’s Fund supports initiatives focused on priority areas identified by the United States Ambassador to Pakistan.

During the current programme grant cycle, USAID will support initiatives to promote culture and the arts, improve disaster preparedness, develop small-scale energy solutions, encourage social entrepreneurship, and empower vulnerable populations.

Private sector organisations, non-governmental organisations, and non-government academic research and training institutions, including those led by women, are eligible to apply.

During the previous cycle, the fund awarded 346 grants benefitting more than two million Pakistanis, it added.

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