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Sindh University IBA hosts food and entrepreneur carnival

HYDERABAD: Sindh University Jamshoro Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Fateh Muhammad Burfat praised the students for setting up stalls at food and entrepreneur carnival.





Addressing the opening ceremony on Wednesday, he called it highly impressive way in which the IBA faculty and students have setup food and entrepreneur stalls, fascinating visitors. the event was organised by the Institute of Business Administration.

“Though, by its name, the festival is suggestive of culinary theme, yet latent in it is the wide open space for students to release their creative and corporate flair by coining titles commensurate to setting, subject-suited innovations, idea-inclined improvisations and an opportunity to unleash the slues gates of their accumulated emotional energy in a positive manner. These activities, in fact, serve for them as the much-needed catharsis,” said Dr Burfat.

The sort of given activities complemented students’ curricular engagement by accruing them opportunities in form of informal channels, first to discover their dormant abilities and skills and; next by demonstrating their creative potential, he added.

Each class of the institute was mandated to come up with one food and entrepreneur theme and was to setup a kiosk accordingly, integrating it to as most creatively as possible to the aboriginal habitat of the tile as possible.

This way, the stall themes featured in the carnival included a wide range of titles relating to food and entrepreneur aspects.

Hundreds of students from across almost all departments/institutes of the university visited the stalls, expressing keen interest in continental, inter-continental and global cuisine and entrepreneur exhibits put on display; taking incessant selfies, soaking in the festive event environs; swaying and swooning to the fascinating beats of the culturally-and-soulfully loaded music playing loudly along the event sidelines.

Cornucopia of colors, rainbow smiles, full-blast festivities, endless array of camera flashes, taste bud tantalisations, folk dances, entrepreneur enterprises, free flow of affections and sweet serene socialisation marked the festival memorial.

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