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Aqua Agro
Aqua Agro

‘Aqua Agro to save 50 percent agriculture water’

KARACHI: Aqua Agro, a startup incubated in the National Incubation Center Karachi, can reduce the water to crops by 50 percent.




The devices were deployed in Banana and Mango farms near Tando Allahyar this week.

Developers have claimed that the device will save 50 percent water for the farmers and will also increase their yield. The farmer will be irrigating his farms when the device will tell it to do so. The farmer will receive messages on his mobile phone and email daily to track the water requirements of the field.

A mobile app will also be available to the farmer to check live status for monitoring purposes.

Technically, the device takes live values of soil moisture and other various parameters from the farm, processes the information on its artificially intelligent decision support system and gives feedback to the farmer on whether he needs to water his farm or not. This saves 50 percent of water for the farmer as contrast to his previous practices.

Uptil now, the Aqua Agro devices have covered more than 30 acres of land including the recent deployments in Tando Allahyar and the previous six deployments in Gadaap Karachi.

The team aims to cover 100 acres of land in the upcoming months.

Aqua Agro device being installed
Aqua Agro device being installed

Pakistan is facing a serious water crisis and being an agricultural dependent country, the water scarcity will entirely kill the agricultural outputs of the country. We need home-grown technological solutions to introduce less water-intensive practices while increasing crop output.

The device has been built over a period of three years of research work and on-field testing. The previous case study on the lemon farms proved 50 percent water saving and 35 percent crop increase.

The team also conducts an optional survey of the farms before deployment to understand the crop growth, soil health and the field conditions of the farm.

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