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KCCI criticises gas suspension to industries, demands early restoration

KARACHI: The Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) expressed dismay over the abrupt shutdown of gas supply to industries situated in various industrial zones of the city, particularly Site Industrial Area, and said that gas supply remained suspended to industries since last three days, causing severe losses of billions of rupees, a statement said on Friday.





“Although PM’s Adviser Razzak Dawood has pledged to achieve the export target of $40 billion, but if the situation goes on like this with no gas supply and severe water shortages, we fear that the government will not be able to achieve this ambitious target,” KCCI President Junaid Esmail Makda said.

It was a matter of concern that gas supply remained almost zilch, but not a single decision maker neither from Islamabad nor from Sindh government bothered to pay any attention to the issue, he said.

“Despite the assurances given by the Sindh governor to restore gas supply to industries, Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) once again issued a letter to all industrial associations in which they asked the industries to reduce the load of their captive power plants and operate at 50 percent below their normal consumption, which is simply not possible, as when there is hardly any gas available because of low pressure, how could they reduce their consumption to 50 percent?” He added.

“We, the business and industrial community of Karachi, were already suffering badly because of high cost of doing business; therefore, the suspension of gas in Karachi would not only prove detrimental for the industry, but would also lead to worsening the economic crises, besides raising poverty and unemployment,” Makda said.

He demanded the federal and provincial governments to take notice of the situation and order SSGC to immediately restore gas supplies to industries.

“The federal government must honour its commitment by issuing strict directives to SSGC for uninterrupted supply to industrial units in Karachi,” he added.

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