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Let our dreams come true

Tariq Khalique

On a daily basis, we hear people saying don’t do this, don’t do that, what people will say? Honestly, people like me don’t care and do whatever they want to do, but most of the people do give weight to such dogmas and remain in limbo.





Most of us warn our children not to indulge in activities, which we think, are not suitable for them or for the family, but we never take into consideration the logic behind this perception. We only follow the principles of good and bad set by our forefathers and want to impose them on others without going into the advantages and disadvantages linked to it.

Often, my children, especially my daughters, ask me why people remain so busy in evaluating others’ lives and give unwanted advises? Don’t they have any other productive work to do?

This is not because these people have no productive work to do, rather they are firm believers that pinpointing others is the most productive work and they are serving the humanity.

Basically, “what people will say” is a fear in our minds influenced by the judgements given by others, which lead most of the people to stop pursuing their dreams. We consider too much about other people’s reaction and shun our dreams. This is not a healthy behaviour. The young generation is the most affected one because they were easily threatened by their elders to refrain from pursuing their dreams or face the consequences.

I know a lot of kids who think out-of-the-box, but remain unable to fulfill their dreams only because of these ‘so-called’ well-wishers.

Accept it or not, we all are selfish and want to see the world as we want it to be, but we forget that we are just human beings and we cannot shape the entire world according to our desire.

Parents want to see children follow their footsteps, husband and wife want each other to behave in a similar manner, and now, in some cases, even the kids give advice to their parents to forget the past and adapt today’s world.




In this materialistic world, everyone is pinpointing others about the good and bad deeds, but no one is ready to look into his or her own life. The dilemma is that we are more inclined towards others’ privacy rather than getting involved in some productive activities.

The way people feel about others is the outcome of the treatment they get during the time when they were growing up and stubbornly wanted others to follow the same. What we learned during these formative years always had an effect on rest of our lives.

When people criticise others for deeds they believe are against the social or religious norms, people get depressed, but opinions of strangers, or even the people we know, should not matter. One must consider opinions of immediate family only because they are the ones who really want to make us a better person.

Taking your own decisions, whether right or wrong, is the best option to live a healthy life, because this jargon of “what people will say” not only leaves a bad impact on the lives of the people, but also shakes their confidence.

We should not measure ourselves by the standards of others and, in the same way; we should not measure them according to our standards. It is high time we give space to each other, and let our dreams come true.

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  1. Nicely written agreed with some points.May Allah fulfil our all dreams InshaAllah.