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Over Rs125 billion sales tax refunds stuck with the govt, APTMA

KARACHI: Chairman, All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA), Sindh-Baluchistan Region Zahid Mazhar, has said that sales tax refunds of over Rs125 billion belonging to the textile sector were pending with the government.



In a statement Thursday, he welcomed announcement of issuance of Promissory Notes to clear huge amount of long outstanding sales tax refund by Minister for Finance & Economic Affairs.

He said that billions of rupees in sales tax, customs rebate and income tax refund claims in addition to duty drawback of taxes order under prime minister’s export package and duty local taxes and levies schemes are stuck up with the government.

He said that the tax refunds of the textile exporters have been stuck for a long time for more than a year in most cases and now the government has announced issuance of Promissory Notes to liquidate these refunds which is a right step in the right direction.

He hoped if the stuck up refunds as announced by the Minister for Finance & Economic Affairs to clear sales tax refund through Promissory Notes be disbursed by the government in one go the exports of the country would not only increase tremendously but would also boost the business of the allied industries.

He appreciated FBR for issuing instructions to all Chief Commissioners of LTUs and RTOs to urgently issue Refund Payment Orders (RPOs) of admissible sales tax refund claims before issuance of the first batch or Promissory Notes (Refund Bonds) by February 14, 2019.

He pointed out that despite of the directives of the finance minister and the FBR there was very slow progress in processing the sales tax refunds and issuance of RPOs which in most of the cases are pending for more than a year.

Zahid Mazhar urged the Prime Minister Imran Khan, the finance minister and the chairman FBR to give urgent and special attention on the issuance of sales tax refund payment orders to clear the refunds of the textile exporters otherwise the liquidity problem would compel them to close operations of their mills.

This situation would not only result in decline of exports but would also create law and order situation due to unemployment of large number of workers employed in these industries, he said.

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