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No stigma attached

Tariq Khalique

Giving justification for bad decisions has become the hallmark of Pakistani politicians, especially by the people at the helm of affairs, which not only makes the nation suffer, but also put brakes on the country’s progress and prosperity.



In its true sense, explaining position on a decision, whether right or wrong, is not a bad habit, but at the same time, acceptance of a mistake can be a healthy behaviour. When it comes to Pakistani politicians, every decision remains the best solution to the problem.

How lucky, Pakistan is blessed with “such talented people” who never take a wrong decision despite being human, but how pity, their decisions had always been challenged.

Maybe the leaders take a decision with good intentions, but it is not necessarily be a right assessment, as was witnessed in a number of cases not only in Pakistan, but around the world. The problem is that we remain glued to that decision, which proves damaging and sometimes turns out to be catastrophic.

Phil Crosby, an author, has said: “Making a wrong decision is explicable. Refusing to search continually for learning is not.”

Usually, our leaders turn deaf ears to the plight of the people and take decisions, which make their lives more miserable. Instead of making policies for the betterment of the common man, they opt for changes, which suit them or their sympathisers.

This not only creates panic-like situation among the masses, but also gives strength to nepotism. Sometimes, harsh and bold decisions are needed, but taking them without going through the pros and cons, will never serve the purpose, rather it would hurt the true spirit of that connotation.

“There is no stigma attached to recognising a bad decision in time to install a better one.”

(Laurence J Peter, a Canadian author)





Most of the time, the government takes decision in haste, leading to disappointment, but like successive governments, it is also not ready to accept a mistake, rather serving ministers keep justifying such decisions in one way, or the other, to soothe their leaders.

Such behaviours are the root cause of devastation the country is suffering since its inception. Attaining self-satisfaction seems to be the ultimate goal of the leaders, which is not a good sign, because no country can progress without the growth of its people.

On January 23, 2019, Finance Minister Asad Umar presented the second mini-budget after assuming the office in August 2018, but called it an economic reforms package. Undoubtedly, the government is making efforts to improve the economic conditions of the country, but to the surprise of many, it remains unable to bring positive changes not only on the economic front, but also on the political side.

The announcements made by the government in the mini-budget make sense for some, but it remains to be seen how beneficial these measures turned out to be in the future. Hopefully, this time the people get some respite.

“Take responsibility for your last bad decision, and then let it go. Don’t blame others or make excuses for yourself.”

(Deepak Chopra, an American-Indian author)

To keep the house in order, political bigwigs have to show some maturity, otherwise the country; especially the already burdened common man will continue to face dire consequences.

Let’s mourn the bad decisions, and celebrate the good ones, regardless of their political influence to improve the situation at home.

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