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Call for control of mosquito larvae through biological agents

HYDERABAD: A seminar on population  of mosquito larvae in stagnant waters held in the premises of Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Sindh Jamshro.



Prof. Dr. Naeem Tarique Narejo said that mosquitoes used to spread a number of harmful parasitic diseases, their outbreak causes fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

It needs to be controlled by variety of ways like chemical and biological control. For chemical control, normally spray and lime application causes the disturbance of aquatic ecosystem and aquatic food chain. Thus the environment friendly mosquito control method is biological by using the mosquito larvivorous fish.

Prof Narejo presiding over the seminar suggested that a few small size fish like Gambosia, Gadusia, Puntius and Tilapia are best control agents of mosquito larvae and adult population.

Dr  Ghulam Sarwar Ghachal, Professor Meritorious department of Zoology, said that no any research work has so far been carried out in upper Sindh area on the mosquito population where rich biodiversity is witnessed and chronic diseases like malaria and dengue are reported on daily basis among humans due to breakup of domestic water sewerage and stagnant waters washed in from agriculture lands.

He further said that local government may take necessary measures on the control of mosquito in upper Sindh rural areas.

Prof. Dr. Mukhtiar Ahmed Mahar Director Centre for Coastal and Deltaic Studies said that stagnant waters either saline or fresh are responsible for outbreak population of mosquito in the rural as well as urban areas in Sindh.

Dense population of mosquito is also a type of disaster for the health of human as well as livestock. He urged to the concerned authorities to take necessary measures for controlling the growing chronic diseases caused by mosquito.

Prof Dr Muhammad Younis Laghari said that fish is not only source of best nutrient for human being but also play an important role for health in the term of keeping safe from disease spreading or attacking.



The Gambusiaaffinis called as western mosquito fish play important role for control of mosquitoes, because it uses the larvae of fish as nutrition.

Dhani Bux Mashori, a research scholar presenting the research findings briefed in his final M.Phil.

Seminar on the population dynamics of mosquito larvae urged that stagnant waters are responsible for high growth dispersals of mosquitoes. He surveyed most of the perennial, seasonal and temporary waters and found dense population of mosquito larvae. He further pointed out that no any dengue, yellow fever and zika virus cases are so far reported from taluka Khairpur Nathan Shah and associated surrounding rural area of Dadu Sindh, however malarial cases are most common.

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