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UNISAME urges govt to revisit policies regarding logistics system

KARACHI: The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) on Friday urged the government to revisit its policies regarding logistics system of the country, a statement said.


UNISAME President Zulfikar Thaver reiterated the importance of efficient logistics in the country and termed it one of the four pillars of economy.

In advanced countries across the globe, it is linked to warehouse financing and collateral management, which also comes under logistics, he said, and invited the attention of the policymakers to make efforts for improving logistics.

In a recently held meeting with the office-bearers of the Transporters of Goods Association (TGA), non-issuance of LTV/HTC licences for the last three months and other problems being faced by the transporters due to highhandedness of the traffic police came under discussion.

UNISAME Vice President Asif Hyatt said that the drivers are facing regular harassment, which is making their lives miserable. He also highlighted the problems being faced by these drivers due to poor infrastructure.

UNISAME Convener Yameen Bhamani demanded the government to lift ban on daytime movement of heavy traffic in the city, as this resulted in delayed shipments.

TGA General Secretary Mahmood Hussain, Legal Aid Committee Chairman Haji Ishaq Soomro along with other office-bearers of the association demanded the government and all departments concerned to immediately look into the matter and make efforts to resolve it.

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