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Aman Foundation poised to continue its evolution this year

KARACHI: The Aman Foundation, established in 2008 as a not-for-profit trust focused on catalysing impactful solutions in health and education, is poised to see its impact scale up in the coming year as a result of new initiatives and strategic partnerships.


This process had already been initiated through an agreement signed recently between Aman Healthcare Services (AHCS), an independent, not-for-profit operating entity incubated by the Aman Foundation, and the Patients Aid Foundation (PAF), whereby PAF will make available a grant to AHCS from the government of Sindh for supporting the operations of Aman Ambulances for an interim period up to June 2019.

During this period, the Aman ambulances will continue to be fully operated by AHCS as, at present. Subsequently, the aim is to create an independent organisation to which AHCS’ current ambulance fleet of 60 lifesaving ambulances, human capital and operations can be transferred by way of donation.

The new organisation, under the proposed name of Sindh Emergency Medical Services, will be dedicated to managing and scaling emergency care in Karachi via expansion of the current fleet to 200 and Sindh in an incremental manner through a public-private partnership framework in collaboration with the Aman Foundation.

Aman Tech, the other not-for-profit operating entity under the Aman umbrella, with an impeccable track record of pioneering work in the field of vocational training and technical skills capacity-building, will also see strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in both public and private sector realising in 2019.

These partnerships will enable existing programmes to continue to thrive and grow further, as well as create opportunities to scale independently at the provincial and national levels.

Speaking about the future of Aman Foundation itself, CEO Mujahid Khan said, “While Aman Health and Aman Tech are on their way to exponentially enhance the scale of their operations through progressively partnering with other organisations in line with the founding vision of embedding Aman’s social enterprise model into the civic infrastructure of Pakistan, Aman Foundation itself, leveraging on its established track record as a catalyst for social change, will focus on providing thought-leadership and advocacy.”


“It will dedicate itself in producing strategies for long-term and sustainable growth in the socioeconomic development sector, provide technical and management expertise, monitoring and oversight, and even funding, as is possible.”

Since Aman’s inception 10 years ago, its work and that of its associated not-for-profit operating entities, AmanTech and Aman Health, has brought about a paradigm shift in the health and education sectors of Pakistan. Almost 12,000 young men and women have been trained in employable skills with roughly 70 percent of them being placed into meaningful jobs.

More than one million lives have been saved on the streets of Karachi and rural Sindh, including more than 200 deliveries inside the Aman’s best in class life saving ambulances.

Aman Telehealth, Pakistan’s largest health helpline, has catered to a million plus calls via provision of preventative health advice. One million underprivileged citizens have been provided quality community health services in the domain of family planning and mother and child health, at their doorsteps under the Sukh Initiative.

The Foundation has been honoured with several national and international accolades, including recognition by City & Guilds London in the shape of medals of excellence to instructors and students of AmanTech, granting Aman Tech the status of a Centre of Excellence – South Asia in 2017, “Best in Asia’ EMS Service Award by the Asian Emergency Council in 2014 to Aman Ambulance service, BNP Paribas Prize for Individual Philanthropy in 2016, which recognises exceptional work in healthcare and education, Global Humanitarian Award given by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in 2016, Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Schwab Foundation in 2017 and Performance Excellence Award by NAVTTC in 2016.

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