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Tracking goes beyond vehicles

KARACHI: Chief Executive Officer of TPL Trakker, Sarwar Ali Khan, has said that tracking was now beyond typical vehicle tracking as technology driven innovation is redefining the use of tracker.

Talking to a group of journalists Thursday Sarwar said that though TPL is largely known as a tracking company but we have evolved over years to an IoT company providing innovative products and services.

He said that TPL Trakker is the only organization in the industry who is investing heavily in Research and Development. “We have a dedicated team of 30 R&D professionals who are disrupting the conventional tracker solutions and we are expanding our team to over 45 people soon,” he added.

As a market leader in vehicle tracking systems and with more than 18 years of experience they offer an unparalleled combination of superior technology and comprehensive safety solutions, he said.

He said that there were roughly 130,000 active vehicles on TPL Trakker nationwide and around 3,000 vehicles are being added monthly. “TPL Trakker helps in great deal to curb the chances of theft as around eight out of ten stolen vehicles are being recovered with the help of TPL’s 24/7 monitoring and dedicated recovery teams,” he added.

He said that in addition to passenger cars and commercial vehicles, TPL Trakker is also providing bike tracker solutions for more than a year now. “Through our R&D, we are regularly offering value added services and features. We are equal to a software house,” he said.

He pointed out that safety was a growing concern in Pakistan and TPL Trakker was continuously working on solutions to track and monitor factors affecting safety.

Talking about recently launched, “TrackMe” application, he said that it helps protecting and connecting families by offering intelligent location sharing. “The feature has received great response from customers as the user base has crossed 60,000 in just four months,” he said adding that the users were not only from Pakistan but UK, US, Canada and UAE as well.

He said that the Trakker App has been designed to offer the best tracking services to customers. It is available round the clock and accessible from smart phone, computer and tablet. The upgraded Trakker App has been optimized to better serve the safety needs of customers with the new Vehicle Analytics feature which provides insights such as Driver Behavior Scorecard and Trip Analytics reports.

These features provide precise driver behavior information and route deviation and optimization insights that are designed to benefit the monitoring and analysis of fleet managers and vehicle owners alike.

“One of our features, ‘Driver Fatigue’ monitoring offers real time fatigue detection and gives a break alert in case of fatigue detected. “Distracted driver detection and cell phone usage detection are its key features,” said Sarwar.

He said this app will also detect distraction, yawn, phone calling, seat belt fasten, smoking, covering, and error.

Answering the question on security of data he said that we have a multi layered security protocols to ensure safety of data. It includes, but not limited to, third party cyber security audits, multilayered firewalls, primary, secondary and tertiary data centers.

He said protecting motor bikes from stealing by installation of tracker device was a too difficult task.

He said that there were only three spots for tracker installation in the bikes, which could be easily detectable by thieves and snatchers.

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